Monday, April 29, 2013


This past weekend was a funny one. It was such a weekend of opposites, of either one or the other - there was not really much of a balance.

I was annoyed at having to study while at the same time I was finding comfort in the familiarity of it. I was tired and wanted to sleep, but I was too awake to actually do it. I wanted to be alone but not feel alone. I wanted to engage with people deeply but at the same time was craving just mindless banter. It was sunny then rainy. Friends and I meant to go on walk, but ended up in a coffee shop instead and invented our very own version of coffee art.*

Top left to right: Massive hot chocolate, coffee art, my friend Rachel
Bottom: My friends JB and Sarah

It was so easy to just live while at the same time breathing for no particular reason was somewhat exhausting. The weekend felt so long, yet it was too short.

* Pictures are the the courtesy of my friend Rachel's iPhone. I brought along my camera but left my SD card at home.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Web Wanderings

.:. .:. .:. .:. .:. 

If I could, I'd immediately board a plane and go back here... but I guess for now this song must do.

"Build a community that embodies everything you wish the larger world was." - Wonderfully inspirational.

"Because even as she sat there, broken and alone, she was worth loving. She was beautiful. She was enough." - Beautiful, vulnerable and raw.

Can we please all do this like proper grown-ups?!

I am in love with these blankets, especially this, this, this and this one.

Friday, April 26, 2013


... the title of this post cracks me up, but it is the best description after all. I have been massively missing in action for the majority of this year. Part of it is due to a lack of time. It is my final year of university and drowning in deadlines, following commitments and enjoying just general life banter, made time just fly by like crazy. I seriously don't know where the year has gone.

The other half of the truth, however, is that I'd put myself under so much pressure to write beautifully that I couldn't write at all anymore. Rather than communicating, it became so much more important to me how I said something and eventually I found myself paralyzed to say anything at all. I wanted to express all the wonderful and special things I was experiencing but I felt that no matter what I said wouldn't do justice to it.

During these past couple of weeks, though, as I was writing my final dissertation, I realized that I missed this blog. I am itching to be creative, I am itching to write. I read countless blogs while procrastinating, and guess what, it dawned on me that people just write whatever is on their hearts. Some express it more beautifully, some less. It doesn't matter. My left side of the brain has been neglected for to long. I am glad to be back.