Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Eve

It's the night before my birthday and for the first time since I got home from work, I am sat down - breathing, thinking, being without an agenda. I made four cakes today, skyped a friend in-between, cleaned the apartment, cooked dinner and roasted some butternut squash for lunch tomorrow.

This past hour I spent reading through my journal from the year gone by. It wasn't much to read because there wasn't much I journaled about. Majority of the time, I couldn't talk to God nor did I want to nor did have impacting revelations I couldn't but write down. This past year was a quiet one - instead of talking, God was doing. He was with me. He protected, cared, invested and changed me.

I came across the following paragraph on a random website a day or two after my last birthday. The words written still move me deeply and the truth of it makes my heart ache. It pierces right through me and I can almost hear God whispering His approval and affirmation:

There’s something so beautifully powerful and incredibly humble in knowing you are exactly where you are supposed to be, but that place stretching and tearing and hurting your deepest of deeps. It’s as though God has put both hands on your cheeks, pulled your face in close, and said “I love you enough to bring you to this place, and never to leave you here, Darling.” He wants to use and grow and beautify these hearts, not leave them stagnant to wither away alone. See, an active Kingdom heart dances with as many people as it can. And soon enough, you’ll see His confetti sprinkle and dazzle the world around you, everywhere you go.

Because He loves us enough to use us, and never leave us alone.

This is is the story. I would have not chosen it for myself but I am glad He did.