Saturday, March 03, 2012


While most parts of the Northern Hemisphere are still longing for the first hints of spring to come, Scotland has already been experiencing spring in all its glory, cumulating in the so far warmest day of the year this past Thursday. Spurred by the excitement of summer looming over us, I ditched classes and spent the afternoon sitting in our garden, half-heartedly attempting to do some reading instead. But the sun was shining into my face just a tad too brightly, making it impossible to read the ink on the paper. So instead, I soaked it all in: the sun, the smell of the flowers, the chirping birds. Everything. And that is when I noticed the ladybug. Idle as if barely awoken from hibernation.

Ladybugs are my favorite insects. They evoke this strange feeling of nostalgia towards everything childhood related - from dressing up as one for Mardi Gras to the long days of summer spent outside exploring what life has to offer without a single seed of worry on my chest. Its discovery not only brought back all these fond memories, but it was also nature's confirmation that spring indeed is not just around the corner but has arrived.

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