Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Two of things you can most definitely count on when living on the coast is, both, an immense availability of water and - ranging from gentle to gusting - wind. While the former is rather obvious, I find the latter is often forgotten about. I mean, let's be real, have you ever heard someone raving about the nice summery breeze or the hazardous stormy gales they encountered while spending an afternoon on the coast? I doubt it. Most of the time, people comment on anything but the wind: the water, the waves, the sand, the animals, the people...

But here's the thing, it's the wind that makes all the difference. I didn't realize how much I missed a good strong blow until I found myself encapsulated by one - the strong forces of the wind pushing against me like lovers do. Breathing in the fresh air, being shaken by its strength, I felt complete freedom - the same kind of freedom I felt numerous times when walking down the beach: strong, empowering and so life-giving.

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