Saturday, November 15, 2014


Say, every nation were to be reduced to one single date; Germany without doubt would be allocated the 9th of November:
In 1918 German monarchy came to an end, in 1923 the failed Beer Hall Putsch marked a provisional downfall of the Nazi Party as an important player on Germany's political landscape, in 1938 large scale destruction of Jewish property by the Nazi regime caused the death and suffering of many Jews, and in 1989 the fall of the Berlin wall ended German separation. The good, the bad and the important of German history neatly summarized in a single day.

This year marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. Lichtgrenze was an art project to commemorate the significant event. Throughout the entire city a total of 8 000 individual lights were placed along the route of the former wall - 15km in length, one light every two or so meters. On the eve of the 9th, the balloons on top of the lights were released into the dark and cold November night sky one after another, leaving behind only the faded memory of what once separated the nation.

The city was buzzing and there were people gathered everywhere. Young and old, locals and tourists - it seems everyone was outside, not wanting to miss the celebrations. The atmosphere was jubilant and people cheered at the release of every single balloon. Fireworks accompanied the joyous shout-outs and amidst of it all I couldn't help but thank God for His indispensable favor on the turn of events 25 years ago.

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