Saturday, August 18, 2012


This summer, for the first time since I started university, I am not spending my entire holidays away from the seaside village I call home during term time but instead I decided to go back there for a good chunk of the summer. This experience has been bizarre. The town I am used to - a place buzzing with the excitement of students - has been replaced by its twin, attempting to charm the sluggishly slow-moving tourists strolling along the streets with all kinds of attractions: Hop-on/Hop-off tour buses that seem vaguely out of place, caf├ęs and pubs with seating areas outside where yet another afternoon can be spend absorbing the rays of sunlight and - as if the beautiful beaches, historical buildings and cute streets were not enough - a town fair with proper rides, occupying two of the three main streets.
Of course my flatmate for the summer and I had to go - the novelty and excitement just got a hold of us: We screamed our heads off while on the rides, ate our body weights in fair food and - just like the tourists - we strolled along the streets enjoying the general atmosphere.


  1. Just got all caught up on your posts :) I'm loving these updates! And especially these pictures. I can't believe St. Andrews has this in the summer! Miss you! x

    1. Honestly, screw Africa, the fair was the most bizarr thing I have come across all summer. No real words to describe the experience. Apparently there are youtube videos that give you a feel for it.