Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Naturally Fertilized Fields

Last night friends of mine and I decided to get Fish and Chips for supper. Since the best Chippy in the country happens to be only an half-an-hour drive away from where we live, we did not need long to decide where to go. As we were driving along the coast - our faces kissed by the last rays of sunlight, windows rolled down feeling the wind rushing by, the air infused by the smell of naturally fertilized fields, and Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor" blasting on the stereo - it seemed like time had stopped for one brief but perfect moment. My heart felt content, free and grateful.

We ate with our fingers, we talked about the summer and future, we laughed at silly jokes, we admired the insanely beautiful sunset, and as the moon kissed the sun goodbye, we lost ourselves in the vastness of the night sky - savoring the moment at all times. It was glorious.

P.S. We even saw a couple of dolphins. Is this real life?!

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