Thursday, May 02, 2013

May Dip

Every year at the dawn of the first day of May, the whole student population of the university gathers at one of the beaches to run into the North Sea. From the moments of the first rays of light until long after the sun is risen, friends hurdle together, pump another up and eventually set off to embrace the ice-cold water. This year, of course, was no different. We stayed up all night playing Beer Pong and Ring of Fire before we eventually moved to the already crowded beach in the early morning hours.

I find it striking how there is literally nothing appealing about May Dip yet the tradition continues to exist. Think about it, the idea of it all is just insane and I am not going to lie, more than once I was inclined to just go to bed and sleep through it all - to avoid the cold, the wind, the yucky bonfire smell, the sand that will get everywhere and the sleep deprivation that will haunt you for the next couple of days. Yet, every year I find myself running into the freezing water and actually enjoying it. I love being up so early and seeing the sun rise. I love the how alive the cold water makes me feel. I love how majority of people want to be part of it.

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