Monday, May 06, 2013


As previously mentioned, the university I go to has a lot of ancient traditions. From Raisin Weekend (google it!) to May Dip - the academic calendar is full of bizarre traditions. Although I enjoy all of them, for me personally, it is the smaller, less publicly known traditions that have a special place in my heart.

One tradition in particular has always meant a lot to me. It is the soaking of students after they finish their last exam ever. Friends gather and pour gallons of water, glitter and whatnot on you - to wash away the worries of the past four years and to celebrate for making it through all the way to the end.

For most of my university time, the soaking tradition had been the pinnacle of all that was ever to exist in my university time. From day one, not considering graduation, THIS is what I was looking forward to, what I worked towards, and what I was excited about. It was all about this one special moment when you exit the exam venue for the last time and see all your friends standing in a big circle waiting only for you.

My soaking this past Tuesday exceeded all hopes and expectations. I was gobsmacked by the amount of friends that had turned up to soak me. Yet, it wasn't the numbers that made it special but the fact that everyone came to celebrate with me. The air was filled with jubilation - my friends were not only happy for me but they were proud of my accomplishments.

They wanted to be part of me welcoming a new stage in my life, even if they might not be a part of it in the future. In the most bizarre way, it is a testimony of an incredibly beautiful way of loving and that's what makes the tradition so special.

* Photographs were taken by my friend Claire. Check out her blog here.

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